Monday, 31 October 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge - I'm starting tomorrow!

My lovelies :)

Tomorrow I will be starting the 31 day manicure challenge as seen on several blogs over the last few months. For me, this is a big commitment, but I'm really excited about it so I'm going to do my utmost to keep up with it.  Feel free to join me (regardless of whether you blog or not).

Here are the themes:

Are you ready to do this with me?

There are lots of ladies doing this at the moment - Sammy, Anastacia  and  Rie to name a few, so if you are going to do it too and get a bit stuck, why not pop over to them for some inspiration?

Let me know if you've alright started or will be starting this challenge.

I'll be back tomorrow with the first installment!



  1. Can't wait to see ur challenge manis :)

  2. oh nice I'm starting this tomorrow as well, better get working on my red nails!

  3. Hi! It's so hard, especially the second part. Maybe I'll try to do just the first

  4. Yay! I can't wait to see what you come up with! This challenge has been so much fun! ^_^

  5. @Ana, I can't wait to see YOURS! I'm already jealous, lol!

    @Manicure Addict -your nails are a great length so I know your mani's will be stunning. Especially when it comes to the patterns.

    @Dana, I'm also a little panicky - but we can plan in advance...go on...doooo iiiit *evil laugh*

    @Rie, I know. You've done some great mani's already.

    I'm excited folks! X

  6. Can't wait for the supernatural inspired day:)

  7. @Beautyshades-I know, it should be fun :)


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