Friday, 11 March 2011

Nails Inc and water decals

 Hi again friends.

As I said in this post, I'm going to make the most of the Nails Inc colours I have.  Who knows, I may just develop a love affair with them. Or not.

Here's a very simple manicure here, done with Heather Grey.  .
The Diet Coke sticker is there because the polish was free (if you bought two bottles of Diet Coke), during a recent promotion that was running at Boots.  My poor old hubby was prepared to by the entire cooler section in the store in order to get these for me, but when he went looking, they weren't put on the shop floor. A friend of mine ended up coming round with four bottles of Coke and two polishes for me instead :-)

For this manicure I used all Nails Inc products (base, colour and top coat). I have to say that I like the consistency and the brushes too. My only gripe is that it has already started to chip on my right hand after one day...I'm wondering if that's because on that hand I only used one layer of top coat instead of two. I don't know, but as a result, I'm going to have to re-do my nails. Boo.

The colour shown is true to life and I actually like it.  So much for me moaning about the company not having any colours that interested me.

The water decals were bought from Wicked Nails and they remind me of water colour paintings. I couldn't be without stickers or decals, because you can make your nails look good in a few minutes and with minimal effort. Just paint your nails, put some stickers on and you're good to go!



  1. Nice mani, those stickers look great!

  2. Beautiful. It does look like water paintings :)

  3. I have to say those are some good looking decals! Usually decals are kinda raised and these look so flat. Maybe it was a good job to the topcoat though. Really pretty :D

    I totally loled at your hubby willing to buy the entire cooler section ... good sweet hubby ... now go send him off to do some dishes :p

  4. damn it i really wanted this shade in the coke promotion, but they never had a good selection wherever i tried! i ended up with Caramel though, so all is not lost :) the colours go so well together, the stickers are lovely, its a very professional finish aswell! love from a new blogger/follower!
    EMily @emilysnailfiles :)

  5. this is so super pretty hunny!

    I love it!


  6. Pretty!!! I wish they would do cool stuff like that in the US


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