Monday, 28 February 2011

Storage hell.

I have none. Literally NO storage space.

My polish is still in plastic bags and the thought of having to rummage through all of those bottles just fills me with dread. For months now, I've been saying that I don't want to go and buy an Ikea Helmer...

...which seems to be the preferred method of storage for many nail polish bloggers. Looking at it here reminds me of the bulging filing cabinets at work *shudder* (in my mind I am 'Bruce Almighty' being attacked by one of these metal monsters). Surprisingly, when I got Hubby's measuring tape out to check the dimensions, it turned out that they were a lot smaller than I'd anticipated. There I was thinking that the bloody thing would be up to my neck - it would only reach just higher than mid-thigh! That and the fact that they cost £20.42 (where'd the 42p come into it??), has nearly made up my mind.

Sooooo, I'm off to Ikea tomorrow, to wander around with a huge trolley and a massive grin on my face. If the Helmer looks cool in real life, I may just have to indulge myself. Oh joy!



  1. lol /snap i was thinking the same thing today... atm i keep all my polishes in 3 big - clarks shoe boxes...but its tiring going through them every time i need multiple colours!

    Nice VAT hunny! thats wheres that annoying 42p came from lol. =-/


    Happy shopping!

  2. Yeah, the helmer looks SO much bigger on the pictures than it is IRL. IRL it's actually small. But I have that problem, that I don't like how it looks one bit, nor does it seem to work for me with the storage. I don't know, what do to with the polish, to tell you the truth. The best way to store them, in my opinion would be on long shelves, so I can see the whole bottle all the time and have them out in the open. But then I'd probably have to stop buying them at the number 50. ;)

  3. @Sarahlouise- that is exactly why I couldn't stand it any longer. I got the very same one and I'm happy I can actually see what I have now! Lol at the VAT!

    @Ulmiel- I caved and had to buy one. I've managed to disguise the 'work equipment' look buy pushing it into a corner and putting candles and crystals on top.The shelves? I've got too many bottles and it would drive me barmy doing all that dusting! ;-)

    @Hannah-my finger slipped on my phone screen and deleted your comment :-( Thanks for the tip about the Muji filing boxes. I'm going to have to find a store near me. Cabinets in Asda? I wish I'd known before! :-)

  4. I feel your pain my nail polish is all in ugly clear storage boxes and plastic bags.

    Please post pictures if you decide to get it as I am also interested in getting one as I hate not being able to find anything in my mess!


  5. Can't wait to see pictures of how your helmer will look! Indulge! You deserve it! ;)

  6. Omg. We have IKEA here in Singapore too. Now I feel like checking out that cabinet! What I REALLY want though is an open shelf, kind of like a bookcase, but with "shallow" shelves... so I can see my nail polish all the time! They're so hard to find though. :(

  7. Ladies, I got one. Please see above, lol. xx


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