Saturday, 5 February 2011

More hearts on the horizon, but not a smile in sight.

Hi Friends. 

Do you ever get that feeling that there is so much that you need to do, but it's just not humanly possible? Welcome to my life.  Every day I feel as if I'm playing catch-up.  I feel guilty sitting down or even posting, because there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Ugh. Enough complaining.

Here's the manicure I've been wearing for the past couple of days:
I seldom use these mini pots, but I thought I'd try to make use of them. Henrietta Street and Bruton Street.

I used BM plate 09 for the hearts and added my own little bits to it.

 I also put a little Zoya Astra in for a little glitter. Yup, the top coat smudged the polish so I'm going to try using acrylic paint next time to see if that makes a difference.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as grumpy today but hey, I'm human. I might feel better if I eat some chocolate.

Right, I'm off to go and eat chocolate.



  1. Adorable mani, I love the design! And I hope the chocolate helps :)

  2. Aww hunny!

    /mega hugs to you!

    i think we all feel like that from time to time - otherwise we wouldnt be human =)

    Make sure you do eat some choc - or better still , ill share my friends with you..Ones called Ben the other Jerry =))

    Hope your feeling better!


  3. It's a very lovely manicure!

    And don't worry, be happy!

    I hope you enjoyed your chocolate ;)
    I could use some too... :P

  4. ::HUGS!::
    I know that 'guilt' feeling really well, I'm afraid. I've every confidence you'll work it out, and yes, chocolate helps! :)

    Cute mani!

  5. I absolutely adore this mani.! :)♥ Too cuteeee!! I also gave you the Versatile Blog Award here -

  6. Thank you everyone (hugs!!)
    The chocolate worked a treat and I am now full of the joys of...erm...winter.
    Necessary Nails - thank you so much!!


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