Sunday, 5 December 2010

More marbling...getting better!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Remember I was complaining about marbling recently? Well, I tried it again and realised that I was probably just making a big deal of nothing.  The main issue seemed to be that the polish would not spread or dry fast enough in the water so the patterns were not well formed.  Yes, I did spend some time re-trying, smudging and re-polishing, but practice makes perfect.  Um, I'm still practicing.

For this I used two coats of:

Rimmel Lemon Drop (and yes, it DOES smell of lemon when it dries!!)

 Some NYC pink which is so old the label is gone, a purple from Nails Inc and some more of the lemon drop.

I put a few lines of glitter in to give it some 'umpf'.

My right hand has more yellow on it, but the designs ended up being so random that I wasn't really sure I liked it. Hence, no pictures.

What are your experiences with water marbling? Do you like different patterns on each nail or do you try to replicate the same pattern each time? I'd love some tips or feedback...

Thanks for reading!