Friday, 26 November 2010

First water marbling attempt - kinda

Who said that this water marbling malarkey was easy? I mean, really?!

I've always liked the look of water marbling especially because whenever I've tried marbling, it has been with a tool...and the result is 'manufactured', I guess. 

I'd like to consider myself to be pretty nail savvy, by my own admission. Like lots of people, I have learned by trial and error, rather than by being shown what to do. So I went against my stubborn nature and decided that if I was going to be 'taught', it would have to be by one of the best (none other than Colette @ My Simple Little Pleasures ) Cue a visit to her YouTube channel and an evening of drooling over my keyboard.  She makes it look so easy, so why couldn't I get it right?

Variables were the polish density, awful colour combinations, polish drying too quickly, me smudging the final result etc. At one point I was in the kitchen sticking sellotape to my fingers (I didn't have any scotch tape), the cat commenced her 'Midnight Madness', scared me half to death and I ended up pulling off half my base coat on one nail with a rogue piece of tape I didn't know was there.  It really was ridiculous. Here was a woman who can apply acrylic, fibre-glass, gel overlays AND extensions to her own nails but can't water marble without wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Barry M Sea Green - I'd put on two coats of this because I was NOT going to bed with naked nails. Then I thought I'd give the marbling one more attempt.
Lamp (I do my nails at night)

 I used a yellow by Nails Inc. I can't remember the name, please slap me.

Freezing cold daylight shot. Brrrrr!

So, the conclusion then.  Erm, I'm inpatient, stubborn and probably a bit too critical of myself.  It takes a bit of practice to get things right sometimes, but perseverance sure pays off.  I just need to try different colours next time because I felt a bit like a mermaid for a few days.