Friday, 8 October 2010


My posts are so long, I had to put this in on its own!
This is what I'm wearing today:
'Victoria' by nails inc. I'd say that this was the colour of a nice Merlot. Mmmm, Merlot.

This is about 3 coats of jelly goodness. I'm not a fan of the amount of doctoring this needed; the first coat was streaky and I had to go back over several times to get full coverage.  Don't get me wrong, I do like it but prefer only needing to use two coats at a time. I also tend to polish at night (because my life doesn't become my own until around 9pm!) and because I was rushing, I ended up with tiny bubbles in the application. I think I need to buy some more 'jelly' finishes. But not this month...yeah, right *goes to find debit card for yet more on-line purchases*.

I'm also going to try some nail art and stamping at some point.

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