Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Birthday nails!

Hi everyone,

It was my birthday recently and I decided to do a little something with my special and extremely expensive Sha Pro nail stickers (O_0). The manicure is completely Gelish, by the way. I was doing some nails a few days afterwards so I needed something with a bit of longevity.

 Here's me posing with one of my little birthday gifts - a lip stain.

Sorry about the picture quality - my little old camera is on it's last legs and I had to use my iPhone!

Thanks for looking :)



  1. They look so pretty!!!!!!!!
    Happy birthday!!!!

  2. Those stickers are amazeballs! Happy belated birthday! x

  3. Oh WOOOW! They look so gorgeous! Absolutely love them *__* And happy belated birthday hun!


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