Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nails Inc 'Baker Street'

In a bid to continue catching up on all of the manicures I've worn over the last few weeks, here is something I did to Nails Inc's 'Baker Street'.

The dodgy photo is attributed to the mobile phone camera and a million edits! This was inspired by a tutorial Ying posted on Nailartexpress.com

 This is Baker Street before I brought out the acrylic paints. Unfortunately, these pictures do not reflect the true colour of this polish. In actual fact, it's slightly darker.

This is OPI's 'RapiDry'; I bought this from a beauty supply store because I'd run out of Seche Vite. I actually bought two bottles...and I don't like it. In comparison to Seche, it doesn't dry as fast and it isn't a glossy. I'm now stuck with two bottles of this stuff!

That's it for today - I have a few more mani's to post and then I'll be up to date!



  1. Such a gorgeous colour really blue! I always wondered about rapid dry! Thanks for the heads up!

    Jazz x

  2. Baker street is one of my favorite colors! I got it because it is a dupe for Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, but I still ended up getting Pacific Blue. Both are great colors and coat the nail very well.

    Love your site.

    1. I haven't seen the Pacific Blue, but if it's a dupe, I'll love it. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Baker Street is such a gorgeous blue!! Love it on you!

    1. Thanks Marisa. It would be stunning on you!


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