Sunday, 22 January 2012

Green nubbins

Hey all, ready for Monday?

As my nails get ever shorter, I'm going to have to come up with manicures that work on nubbins.

 Not really much to say about this one.  I'll go into the colours in another post - I got all three polishes in a 'lovey package' from Anastacia

 My free edge may 'look' longer here, but I have literally about 2mm on my index finger. Had I painted my free edge only, I wouldn't have had much of a green tip!

Here's an example of the depth of my nail beds, but on my right hand before polishing.

Have a wonderful week friends.



  1. Your nails still look like they're at a good length even though you may feel they're short! I love this manicure, especially the double stripe at the tip :-)

  2. Beautiful manicure and it makes your nails look really long not at all like nubs.

  3. Love this mani it's soo beautiful! Your nails are healthy :)

  4. this is very pretty, i also think you have the perfect nail length!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous mani..Very simple but creative..^_^..

    I'm your new follower now..^_^..

  6. Gorgeous nails...naked and clothed in green! Love the green french mani-very stylish!

  7. You've fabulous nails and would love long nailbeds like yours - mine are teeny :(

  8. Your Nails are precious!
    I love this!

  9. This mani really make looks ur nail tips much longer!! So nice color combo :)

  10. Thank you all! I'm actually enjoying my new length now - I can type like a beast...muhahahahaaa!

  11. That green's such a great colour... and I love nubbin manis :D !


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