Friday, 13 January 2012

Mavala 'Double-Lash'. The eyelash growth experiment pt 1

Hello my lovelies.

If I were to ask you which three things women would like to grow longer what would you say? Nails, hair and lashes perhaps? Well, this post is an experiment to see whether or not a particular eyelash growth solution is worth the packaging it is sold in.

This idea was borne from a conversation I was having with a work colleague.  At my first Manicure and Pedicure class this week, we were told by the lecturer that, at the moment, the most financially lucrative beauty procedure (aside from cosmetic surgery) is the application of individual eyelash extensions! I was shocked, but then remembered reading somewhere that some people actually get hair at the back of their heads transplanted into their lash line, much the same as they would when trying to thicken bald patches on scalps.  I also read that unlike normal lashes, this transplanted hair would continue to grow as a head hair would. So that would mean trimming your eyelashes at regular intervals! My colleague and I had a good laugh about that, but it got me thinking. My lower lashes are a little sparse and I'd heard that you can use Vaseline or olive oil to condition them, but I wondered if I could actually grow them out without shelling out a load of cash...or having greasy, oily lashes.

I found a wealth products and reviews on this site which you can read if you are serious about trying to grow your eyelashes. One of the products there was one I picked up from in Boots for just over £10.

 The blurb on the website states:
"Mavala Double Lash is a nutritive treatment that enhances eyelashes by lengthening and strengthening them. Stimulating faster hair growth, the Switzerland-born product is applied at night before bed and contains a multi-protein mixture that not only causes existing lashes to grow longer but additional lashes to grow in. Unlike other lash enhancement products that are applied to the eyelash line on the upper lid, Mavala Double Lash is brushed directly on to the lashes like mascara."

But, does this thick, milky liquid REALLY work? I intend to put this on my lashes each night before bed and update this post every weekend to let you know of my progress. You've got to love an experiment, right?

Here is where I am now, greasy, sans make-up, first thing in the morning. Don't judge me!

You can see how sparse my lower lashes are. It's not detrimental to my self-esteem and I'm generally not bothered, but if I could thicken them up, it would be a bonus.

After mascara:
Still sparse.

My mascara, in case you are interested:

Okay, wish me luck!


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  1. Mmmm this is interesting. I have decent eyelashes but have been wearing extensions for a few months now as I like the fullness & length. It's a bit of a hassle though so it would be interesting to see whether that product actually works. Keep me posted!



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