Sunday, 20 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 19 - 'Galaxy nails', loads of photo's and how-to

Captain's log. Day nineteen and there seems to be a shift in the space time continuum...

I'm sorry - I don't know what a space time continuum is, or how it could shift, but I sure do like that phrase (I'm a trekkie deep, deep down).

This was my first ever attempt at 'galaxy nails' and I actually enjoyed it. I'm not quite sure if it is as intricate as some I've already seen, but I think it resembles something galactic! Keep scrolling to see the outcome.

This is Orly's 'Goth'. A pretty jet black lacquer full of silver glitter particles. Tip wear after applying it last night and washing, drying and styling hair this morning.

This is how it started. Below is the end result and what I used and did to achieve it.

Hard Candy 'Skimpy', Gosh 'Wild Lilac', Orly 'Goth', Gosh 'Gasoline, Barry M 'Matte White' and Nails Inc 'Carnaby Street'.

First, I painted on a zig-zag with the Skimpy (you probably don't need to do this. I was thinking of something completely different at the time).

I sponged on some Matte White over the Skimpy and then some Carnaby Street, using an eye shadow sponge applicator.This allowed me to apply the polish more neatly.

Then the Wild Lilac and the Gasoline. I added random dots of Matte White.

Here's the thumb.

Ta daahh!

I hope you enjoy looking as much as I did sponging.  Good night folks.



  1. OMG! I love it! Such amazing and looking like very detailed work!! Love the colors U chose!!

  2. Love this... Looks really tricky but fab results!

  3. wow yours are way better than mine! lol


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