Monday, 3 October 2011

More full nail water decals

Hey, all. Happy Monday!

Just a quick post about some water decals I wore a few weekends ago. I didn't really want to take them off either because they last much longer than plain varnish. I think that's probably to do with the fact that they don't chip easily.  If you like the look of a bold nails, they are perfect because they take a fraction of the time constructing a free-hand manicure would. 

My cuticles are flooded with a load of top-coat because I was in a hurry.  My only gripe with these things is that they are not wide enough to cover my nails from side to side. There is always this annoying 1 mm of bare nail on either side! I suppose that this could be remedied by painting the very sides of the nail with a colour that is similar to the decal though.

Hope you likey!



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