Saturday, 27 August 2011

Well, Hello Kitteh!

Hi friends, I hope this blog post reaches you in good health...

My last post featuring the water decals was quite some time ago - but this is mainly because they lasted so long. Well over a week, in fact. I enjoyed wearing them so much, I didn't have the heart to remove them.

Unfortunately, my nails have reached the length where they usually start to break on me. 8/10 of my nails is sporting a patch at the moment. Only my ring fingers are damage free :(

Here is something I did last night with a polish I picked up from H&M (or Hennes, as I frequently call it...yeah, I'm old skool).

I painted the tips pink first and then made the stripes with this polish. When I was done, I added the rhinestones and then the lace sticker tape for a final touch.

I like 3D nail art, especially Japanese nail art trends. Anything sculpted, embedded or contrary to the normal manicure is the thing for me. I can't say that I'd wear all of it because I've seen some really abstract designs, but I'm interested in the creation of nail art.  So much so that I've decided to further my knowledge about the nail industry and take a course.

So, what areYOUR favourite nail trends? What manicures are easy on your eye? Which ones make your skin crawl? Which nail shape do you prefer? I'm so NOT a fan of mid-to longer length nails that are rounded to a point and look like lions claws...are you?


  1. holy!...omg...this is amazing!


  2. Wowsers! This is gorgeous, I love it! Lots of bling and pink! Go you for deciding to do a course! How do you find the time?! I salute you! I'm not too keen on pointy nails either, much prefer 'squoval' although sometimes I see pics of Gaga or Rihanna and quite like them. But not something I could wear! x

  3. They look very fancy! Nice work.

  4. AMAZINGLY CUTE! I love everything abt this mani! I also love Japanese style mani but it's a bit difficult to wear so I don't do this kind of things often...


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