Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fimo Fingers

Hi friends.

Over the last few months, I've built up a lot of nail art supplies and they are just stuffed into my helmer. It certainly feels as if I have more rhinestones, wraps and glitters than I do nail polish! I will be adding nail art supplies to my shop at some point so don't forget to have a look.

Yesterday I got my fimo's out...

I didn't take pictures of all the polish, but here is what I'm wearing at the moment.

What I did:
Painted my nails with Sally Hansen's 'Hard as Wraps'
Painted the tips with Barry M's 'Berry Ice Cream'
Painted on one layer of Nfu-Oh 50
Adhered the fimo slices with nail glue
Added dots of acrylic paint
Topped with Sally again and a layer of Seche Vite

I totally love this balm right now. I got it from Superdrug (yes, I know, I'm always in there). I put it on at night and in the morning my cuticles thank me for it; my purse did too, I think it's £2-3.

Okay, no more pictures!

Take care!



  1. You need a design shop!...

  2. This is so gorgeous! I'm in love with it. :)

  3. i really like this!! it's so bright! good job!

  4. I'm glad you like it Liz and AA!

    @Anon (lol) You say I said, keep an eye out :-)

  5. Super pretty, really good job! Instantly makes me think about springtime n_n

  6. SO CUTE! I love the color you used for your tips it goes great with the fimo pieces (:

  7. I love this! It's flawless. Where did you get your fimo's? Did you have to cut them yourself? :)

  8. This is so cute I love the color combo and the flowers are so pretty i need to buy some fimo, I want that cuticle cream I wish we had superdrug where I live :-(

  9. You got the fino so thin! Mine always stick up a mile off my nails and annoy the hell out me! I usually just stick them on with polish though which I think makes them curl up. Will use glue next time!

  10. The fimos were bought pre-cut and I have some on sale in my shop (alongside some new nail art items I put up today).

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Fimos are so easy to use but when it come to gluing them, let the glue dry a little first, before applying. They have a tendancy to slide if you don't. I also used a thick top-coat to smooth out the surface a little. :-)

  11. Very nice! Your nails look...happy!:)

  12. Gorgeous and feminine mani! x

  13. lovelovelovelove this - runs off to check your shop xx


  14. Love, love, love your nail art! I've just recently discovered this wonderful world of funky nails and have become obsessed with it. Quick question for you . . . I've seen several fimo pieces I'd like to try, but have wondered how well they hold up. Have you had any problems with the pieces popping off?

  15. @MK Thank you so much! Admittedly, I've had random pieces pop off occasionally, but that's when I haven't used glue or enough top coat. The thicker the slices, the more difficulty you have with sustaining them (if you are very rough, like me) but if you anchor them with a nice dab of glue first, you should be fine. Hope this helps :-)


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