Thursday, 3 March 2011

So, I bought a Helmer...and did some stamping too.

Hey, hey everyone.  The weekend is nearly here!

Look what I bought...

Yes, I succumbed to the lure of 'The Helmer'.  I know I'd complained about the way it looked in the Ikea catalogue, but when I saw this 'white' one (which looked more like a cream colour), I thought it was passable.
It took one hour to get from this ^,

to this ^. It was pretty straightforward to put up, though the millions and trillions of pieces I found when I opened the box was a bit of a shock!

She fits cozily into the corner of my room. Unobtrusive, inconspicuous, quiet.

She's adorned by the crystals my late aunt gave to me every time I went to stay with her in Bussum, Holland.

My little girl helped to put some drawer liners (also from Ikea) in the drawers to stop the polish sliding around and she also arranged the polish too. The drawers do have labels on them, but they are there so she could figure out where to put what! What a sweetie <3

Overall, I do have to say that I am pretty happy with my purchase.  This little treasure is slim, easily hidden and is extremely spacious. The polish I have only fills 1.5 of the drawers! I've had to spread the rest of my art supplies, liquids and cotton wool around in the other ones...but I believe I need more polish. Muhahahahahaha.

Speaking of polish, I got 'Betty Blues' from Boots.  I had another £5 voucher so I only spent £2.
Such a gorgeous colour in the bottle...

...but rubbish on the nail.  Okay, so this has been on my nails for three days so it looks a bit worn, but the colour does NOT translate onto the nail at all.  Booooooo. I'm not going to use this again.

The images on my nails are from Shirley's plates (SdP A16)

Oh, it's my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Five years and two kiddies later, we still like each other, lol!



  1. love it! its so cute in it's little corner :) i like how discreet it is. happy anniversary too!

  2. aww i love it!..its very cute! i love the crystals on the top =)l love a big quartz crystal! you've made me wanna dig my 2 boxes out full of gems and minerals =)

    ive only ever liked 1 boots no7 polish ive brought!...thats why next time i go in there i'm getting models i own zero bottles!

    i really like this design!

    Happy anniversary hunny! i hope you have a great day and a yummy meal and fun ;-)


  3. i like how your nails look!! But, how can the polish on your nails not look a bit like in the bottle. I don't think i have seen such a difference.

    Happy Anniversary, and congrats!! Are we going to get to see your Anniversary nails?? :o)

  4. Thanks for the well wishes, I had a lovely day.

    @Jess, I kid you not. The polish looks black with just two coats. Even with a little light on it. You can barely see the glitter and one coat leaves too many bald spots :-(

  5. Aaaaaaaaah I want your stash! <3<3<3

  6. haha, have you counted how many nailpolishes you have :)

  7. Wow...So many nail i wish i have as much nail polish as you..can change color every day (=

  8. I can definitely back you up on Betty Blues looking black on the nails. With only two coats it's just as black as the Barry M black polish that I've just taken off. Shame, looked so cute in the bottle.


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