Monday, 3 January 2011

Rimmel nail art, brushes and a light box!

Before I start with my usual blather, I would just like to say a big hello, welcome and thank you to my new subscribers and any new silent readers. To my other Google Friend Connect (GFC) friends and wonderful readers, thank you so much for continuing to visit and comment; it really puts a smile on my face. I will be running a giveaway soon to show my appreciation and to celebrate my 100th post...I'm nearly there!

Now that last years holiday festivities are out of the way, I've had some time to work on my own mini craft project. I'm eternally striving for 'the' photo with my budget point-and-shoot camera, my flat is very dark and because I tend to do my nails and take pictures at night, I decided to make a light box (to give me some decent lighting when I take my photos at night and capture 'real' colours). I have access to a DSLR camera that I could very well learn to use...but I SHOULD be able to take photos with my own camera.

Please click here if you want to see how I made my light box...

Otherwise, here was my manicure last night.  I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I thought I'd put the pictures up anyway, lol!

 This was taken without a flash, with the totally wrong camera setting and with my new light box.

 I intend to buy another cheap desk lamp for better lighting...and also re-work the settings on my camera because the colour does not translate well at all.


Ah Rimmel, how I heart thee. There are so many colours, the price is good and the formula is nice.  The only thing I don't like is the 'Xpress Brush'.

It's flat and rounded at the tip to help you apply neatly in one second. Good idea, but it doesn't work if the brush has stray hairs poking out. I actually prefer working with sharp corner of a brush.  This rounded business is not for me. I'm old skool.

How do you feel about these brushes? What kind do you prefer?
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your nailart you are so creative. It's so gorgeous!! I love opi's pro-wide brush. Now off to take a look at your light box instructions :_

  2. colors look very different than each other. but i like the first two photos more. :)

  3. Wow, you have so many Rimmels I'm jealous! (But I'm more of a Barry M kinda gal >_<)
    The manis so pwetiie <3
    I hear ya on the brush, a bit too wide for my liking, I can't get to the edges D:

  4. Yeah, the light box is a work in progress. I also like the effect on the first two pics, just need the colours to be represented correctly!

    RM, I do try but sometimes I feel I'm making a mess (I'll still post them though!)

    Sakurai - I know what you mean.

    AnnKiinns' - I love Barry M too, just too lazy to swatch 'em lol!


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