Monday, 10 January 2011

Bargain Polish...Boots No.7 Speed Dry - Queenie

How's everyone doing today?

Today I have a few pictures of a new polish I bought for a bargain.  No.7 is a brand of skincare and cosmetics that is exclusive to Boots the Chemist in the UK. Every so often if you spend over a certain amount of money, you'll be given a voucher entitling you to a discount on a specified range of products. This weekend I went looking for a polish that AnnKiins had recently swatched. I found it and I also found 'Queenie'.  I thought it looked lovely but wasn't convinced by the £7 price tag so I left the polish and paid for the rest of my shopping.  I then received a £5 off voucher for a range of cosmetics, including No.7. Now, I usually just throw the vouchers away (because they tend to be for something I wouldn't normally buy) but I noticed the '7' on it and asked the sales assistant if I could use the voucher immediately. I then went back to purchase said polish for only £2.  You know me, I love a bargain and this was no exception.  Hubby then handed me another voucher when I got you know I'm going back, right?

 Queenie has very tiny glitter particles in it. Very subtle.

 This is three coats. You may notice what looks like 'tip wear', but it's actually shrinkage from my Nails Inc fast dry top-coat :-(  This is the true colour of the polish here.

Oooh, pretty shiny.

Until next time!


  1. Heehee, Bargain's are what make shopping fun ><
    The color looks lovely ~
    I'd be on the search for this next time *o*

  2. Tell me about it. I'm always just that bit happier when I get a good deal at the shops.


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