Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My trip to Inglot - loads of pics/swatches

This weekend just gone, we (myself and the family) went for a wander down at Westfield London Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush.  I know a lot of people love it, but since it's been open, I've only been a few times...and I'm not totally swung by it. Yet.  I like to be able to go straight to a store, get what I want and get out - a mall of this magnitude frustrates me because I hate having to faff around with lifts (especially because I usually have a buggy and another set of small legs in tow).  Saying that though, if you know where 'your' stores are, you can plan your drop-off point, hit your main points quickly and get out again without feeling too harassed. 

On this occasion, I'd already done my research so I didn't have to walk all over the place to find Inglot.  

This is only the polish section - the rest was filled with yummy make-up and brushes galore.  I took these pictures with my phone simply for my own pleasure...I was trying to be discreet because we were the only customers!

As an early Christmas present, Hubby bought me three lacquers:
Colour 703 - black base with gold micro particles.

Only 2 coats!! Fantastic coverage, easy, fluid application.

Colour dried with a rubberised/matte look (nice surprise!)

Three coats, coverage was okay.

 With a shiny top-coat, although I think I'll use a matte one in future.

Colour 969 - a mint green

Needed four coats and I could still see streaks.

Whilst in there, I found several different opal flakies that could pass as duplicates/substitutes for Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasures, Nubar 2010, Gosh Rainbow and some of the clear Nfu-Oh opals (for those who want them but can't find them). From what I remember, the prices range from £7-10 for the lacquers and the glittery/opal ones were £7 for smaller bottles. The staff were friendly and helpful and there were leather sofas for those with tired bodies and minds.

The only issue I have is that you can't order on-line...and that there is only one store in England. Otherwise, I'm totally loving Inglot.