Sunday, 19 December 2010

Another festive manicure - China Glaze 'Seduce Me', Nfu Oh 51/Stamping

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. There are only a few days left until Christmas...are you prepared? Or will you be joining the last minute rush? 

Before I launch into the polish, I just want to say that I recognise that some of my readers may not be familiar with some of the things I talk about (like stamping, marbling etc). Up until very recently, some things of the nail polish world were pretty foreign to me and I think it only fair to consider this when I'm writing. I had to do my own research to understand a lot of the terminology, find UK retailers and decipher many acronyms, so I'll try to be as clear as  possible in my own writing...just so that I can help someone else out.
In the New Year I intend to make my blog more user friendly. Please look out for some reference pages,  pictures of the materials I'm using for nail art and maybe even a tutorial or two. I  sound like Marge Simpson when I talk, so it don't think it's going to be a YouTube video unless I can find nice background music!

Please forgive me, however, if this takes a little while. This blog is new and is a work in progress;  today, I haven't taken pictures of all of my materials, but I'll remedy that.

Now on to the polish! I have a China Glaze swatch for you this evening. 'Seduce Me' is a nice berry coloured polish... 


...which is a dead-on match for Barry M's 'Raspberry'! For me, the only difference is that Barry M was sheer in two coats, but it took three with the China Glaze.

 Barry M is on the pinkie and middle finger, but you wouldn't be able to tell.

 I put a layer of Nfu-Oh 51 (an opal flakie glitter polish for those who don't know) which looks orange here...

 ...and green here.

 Then I stamped on a pattern from BM plate 02.  Excuse the pinkie finger - I got excited and started swatching something else before I took pictures.

 I hid the pinkie this time!

Yeah, the tree shot again, lol!

Talk to you all soon.


  1. Very pretty red and nfu oh 51 looks awesome over it. i love the stamping mani too :)


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