Thursday, 11 November 2010

Did you get yours??

Hi everyone.  This is a quick post tonight.  I should really be in bed by now but I just wanted to say a couple of things. 

This evening one of my sisters came round and during a conversation about nothing in particular, she started to shake her head at me.  When I asked her why she was doing that, she asked "how often do you paint your nails? Like, every day?" I wanted to say no, because I had been wearing that manicure for the past few days, but then I couldn't deny it, because I am ashamed to say that there have been occasions when I have changed my manicure twice in one night. But for a good reason; maybe I messed it up or it looked horrible.
I didn't take much notice of my sister because she is renowned for changing her hairstyle every few minutes herself!

Later on, my cousin came round and we were chatting away until she said "What's with the nail varnish? Are you obsessed?!" Now, bearing in mind the fact that this was now the second reference to my nails in the same night, I do have to wonder. AM I? And if I am, is it so wrong? I said no, but I don't think she believed me!

By the way. Did you UK ladies get your free Nails Inc polish in this months Glamour magazine? I found out about this on Polish and Powder's blog last night and I asked my hubby to have a look for it in the local Co-Op today. He came home with three magazines!

So now I have three polishes worth £33 for the price of only £6? BAAAAAARRRRGAIN!!!

L-R: Saville Row, Jermyn Street and Hampstead Heath, all bottles are full size at 10ml/0.33 Fl. Oz

Oh, and he also bought me a new pair of rubber gloves because I've been complaining about my others not fitting properly. Romance is NOT dead!

I'm going to try and come back with a few swatches or nail art soon because I don't think I've been very creative of late.


  1. Thanks for the tip,I got my bottle -
    Saville Row, lovely colour on and good consistency so two coats did the trick!!

    PS I encouraged all of my team to go out and get the polish (oh and the mag)too!

  2. I'm glad I could help! I gave away the Jermyn Street because I realised I had a mini bottle already. Those colours are 'bleh' on me.

  3. I got the same ones!!

  4. Hi-five! You've got to love a bargain!


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