Friday, 12 November 2010

Bad weather, bad mood

Yesterday I was really feeling sorry for myself.  It didn't help that the weather was looking like this at nearly 3pm!
Ridiculous isn't it?! Roll on the winter!

I was also wearing this yesterday: Nubar Jewel.  It's a brown base with a wonderful holographic finish. Gorgeous in the bottle...but it certainly didn't cheer me up when I looked at my nails in the gloom.

There's nothing wrong with it.  Looks a bit like cocoa powder in the bottle.

 The holo is pretty and with every movement of your hand you get the full on rainbow sparkle...

 But I guess it just does nothing for me.  Perhaps on a sunny day it might look better, but on me yesterday? Nope.  I also has a rough finish , like you need to use a sanding block on it.  Even after two top coats it was still feeling gritty. Oh, please excuse the cuticle on the index finger. I had an unfortunate accident with a hairzing.

Perhaps my grumpy mood ruined my Nubar experience.  Maybe it needs to stay in the box until next summer. It might be more appreciated then.

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