Saturday, 2 October 2010

Look what I bought!

Oh, I've been spending my sheckles. The other day I received my first Konad kit from I got the Stone stamping kit (with m9 and m4 plates, a little tub of gem stones and black, white and red 'special' polishes) for £15.99. 
You can also buy seperate plates from this vendor for £5-6.

Whilst wandering around Debenhams last week, I found 'Colour Craze', a pack of 10 mini bottles of Nail Inc polishes.  I wouldn't usually buy from Nail Inc (because I've only just renewed my love for polish) but as these were so cute and I had a gift voucher in my bag, I bought them for £25!

 Here is the manicure I was wearing up until this morning.  I used Orchid Street and the m9 plate:
The photo isn't great and I took better with my camera, but I can't find the USB cable so I had to retake them on my phone *slaps forehead*. The manicure is not as perfect as some of the ladies I've seen on other blogs, but it's my first time and I'm still learning!

And here is what my 'naked' nails look like (with one coat of Duri Rejuvacote and a couple of fibre glass strips here and there!) at the moment.  They've definately grown throughout September, but as you can see, there is still a lot of damage visible.  I'm going to file them a little before I do my next manicure; I need to get rid of the nasty tears on my thumbs, left index, middle and pinkie fingers that I'm currently patching.

I'm currently waiting on two bottles of Zoya polish (Astra and Charla) and some Bundle Monster plates - an imitation of Konad plates but more plates for your money.

Talk soon...

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