Sunday, 13 May 2012

Floral water decals.

Happy Sunday friends...and a happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating today.

Although we celebrated Mother's Day back in March in the UK, I actually saw my own mum (after quite a long time) along with my siblings and niece today. I cooked up a big dinner and everyone seemed to have a nice day catching up. 

I'm now sat here typing with two nubbins and three nails with low breaks on them. Usually, I'd be lamenting this but I'm actually pleased to have a reason to get some UV gel out and start practising with it. You may even find that I hack my nails off and replace them with same falsies - I'm not sure yet!

I was wearing these full water decals from KKcenterHk on Friday:

You will already know about my far from secret love affair with water decals. I have less time to myself nowadays and I suffer from a chronic condition that has been kicking my behind for some months (which makes me exhausted a lot of the time), so I appreciate a 'quick fix'.  I have several sets of decals that are similar looking, but it is the first time I have tried this brand.

This is NOT 'actual polish'. It's a decal, okay. It's a lovely pattern, but it is not different from the other decals I have used.

My fingernails are wider than the decals but I could have put on a colour which matched the decals beforehand. I didn't bother though.

The packaging stated that these could be worn for up to seven days with a topcoat. Unfortunately, they were chipping and peeling on me by the end of the day despite two layers of topcoat. Yes,  I did wash up without gloves, but I really didn't think that this much deterioration would have taken place so soon:

I'd hoped that I could have gone to college with gorgeous nails on Saturday morning but alas, I had bare, stained broken talons. My clients asked me why my nails were bare and I was actually quite embarrassed.  Unfortunately, on this occasion, water decals didn't come to my rescue.
*product sent to me for review

Have a happy start to the week folks ;)



  1. Aww those water decals are so pretty, such a shame they didn't last long though :(

    1. Yeah, I know :( I was pretty disappointed...but hey, who needs an excuse to paint their nails more than once a week? Not me! Lol!

  2. These look really pretty!! Glad you had a good day yesterday!

    1. Thanks! I've had a rough few weeks so it was nice to have all the family around :)

  3. Love the design, its very classy me thinks. Pitty it didn't last


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