Monday, 6 June 2011

Neon Baby...

Hi friends.

I am completely in love with this colour at the moment. I had it on my toes a few weeks back and was walking everywhere with my head down!

 This one is a true reflection of the colour.

I won't adulterate this with any nail art...just yet. I want to stare at my fingers a little :-)



  1. beautiful color!! The bottle is really cute!!

  2. You have the loveliest nails, Ash-Lilly! Perfect length and shape! This color is amazing.

  3. Great colour!! I may have to invest in this myself when I have the pennies xx

  4. I love neon pinks and this is just amazing. So so so bright!!

  5. that colour is amazing!! i would be staring at my nails too! xo


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