Monday, 27 December 2010

Ruined Christmas mani...but got nice pressies!

Hi everyone! Did you have a good Christmas?

I had a lovely day filled with family, food and festivities.  Dribbles cut her first tooth (finally), Little'un got presents galore and my macaroni cheese went down a treat at the huge Christmas dinner table.

I got a few nail related presents from my hubby, but first, I need to show you what I did to myself...
 Yes, I tore my nail whilst opening a drawer!

 What a way to ruin a manicure, eh?

 This lazy girl decided to fix the nail - I wasn't about to start removing polish at 1am.  I used some nail glue to stick the tear together then got a piece of fibre glass wrap and cut a strip off to cover the the tear.

 Here the strip is. This is only a temporary fix. When I change my manicure I'll soak the whole thing off with acetone and repeat the repair process on bare nails.

Next, I brushed some resin onto the fibre glass strip. This stuff bonds in seconds, like superglue so you need to be careful.  You can use an activator spray to dry and harden the resin instantly, but I chose not to use it because it dries out my skin...I have really dry hands already. Once it air dried and was no longer tacky, I brushed on a second coat.

And there you have it. Repaired and no longer scary to look at! I'm going to try and grow this nail out with the strip on.  The break doesn't hurt, but I don't fancy wandering around with a nub on my 'photo' hand!

Here are some of my presents!
A little storage chest from Argos. It's already full but I have a large wardrobe and could fit this and another two (possibly) in there if need be... I'm also going to attempt to use the box this came in to make a light box! Stay tuned for that one.
 Bottom drawer of reds, pinks, purples, blues and greens.

Middle drawer with some more greens, blacks, dark duos, greys, glitters and clears. I have a little tub of mini pots in there too.

Top drawer. In this one there are files, diamantes, stamping accessories, nail tips, striping colours, tape, transfers, stickers and other bits and bobs.

 Nails inc set.

 L-R. 10ml bottles of Kensington Caviar topcoat (dries in 45 seconds apparently), Kensington Caviar basecoat, Ebor Street (pink with tiny shimmer particles), Shoreditch High Street, Kabaret.

 L-R 4ml bottles of Stables Market, Bruton Street, Henrietta Street and a vitamin E oil pen.

 Manicure set.

What did you get for Christmas? Was your polish obsession indulged by your nearest and dearest?

Take care friends x


  1. Aw, sorry about the break. Don't you just hate that. I don't like repairs I rather just cut them all down. Lol!

    Ha Ha!! Lots of polish eh. Looks like you need another storage unit already :)

    I love that Nails Inc. set...gorgeous!!! Me wants it now :)

  2. I know - I was mortified! I don't mind the odd repair but as soon as they grow out a little, I get rid of the patch. This one tore over my nail bed so I had to patch it :-(

  3. Too bad about the breakage... :S

    But what a great presents! :D

  4. Oh no! That's a bad way of ruining a mani :( It's a gorgeous mani though! And nice presents!

  5. Biba and AmyGrace...I know! But the pressies make up for it...kinda!

  6. your manicure looks awesome! love the storage chest. Ive never tried nails inc and it looks awesome. Check out my giveaway!

  7. Thanks for explaining how to 'fix' a broken nail on your important photo hand!
    I died last week when I opened the fridge door and broke off a finger nail on my photo hand!

    Anyways onto presents! Love the look of the full sized & mini size Nails Inc set- would love to know how good the Caviar Topcoat is and Kabaret looks really lovely!

    Sounds like you had a fab Christmas.

    Fee x

  8. i had no idea you could salvage a broken nail!
    i always slightly tear the edge of a nail and end up chopping them all short because of it

  9. @Fee - Glad I could help. It's such a pain when it happens! I'll be swatching those polishes at some point too.

    @filthycheap - Oh yes, if it's broke you gotta fix it, lol. I even carry nail glue in my purse just in case!

  10. Great repair!

    I love the stash pictures, too.


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