Thursday, 9 December 2010

Rimmel - Blue My Mind/Stamping

Hi everyone, how are you doing today? Good I hope.  

The weather here has been absolutely freezing over the past few days.  Parts of the UK were and still are in utter turmoil due to heavy snow fall, not enough grit and a basic inability to cope with, well, the weather.  I've been pretty lucky so far because where I live we've only had a few inches of snow.  In some parts of Scotland, some people have been stuck on motorways for 10 or more hours and some children have been snowed-in at school overnight.  My daughter told me that it would be fun to sleep at school, but that I'd have to stay too.  Hmm.  She's five and almost anything out of the ordinary is fun for her right now...

Enough babble. On to the nails!

For this manicure I used BM plate 16 for the flowers and Konad special polish in white.  The tips are Rimmel - Blue My Mind and I used a few gems and a  Models Own Juicy Jules for the line of glitter.


I think I WILL have to invest in a Konad top coat polish and also a smaller stamper because the images are not as clear as I would like and they smudge a bit too.

Totally off-topic here, but I hate losing things. I dropped two of my stamping plates last night and I can't find them now.  I think the cat took them.  She has a magnetised collar that operates the cat-flap and she always gets things stuck to it. Once, she came in with a shelf bracket attached to her like a medallion.  Yes, that metal thing you plant into a wall and lay a shelf on? One of those. 
 I lost my glasses a few months back too...she knows something. I can tell by the look in her eyes.

Take care!