Sunday, 12 December 2010

Claire's Mood Polish - Awesome/Silly

Hi everyone, how are you?  It's Sunday evening and time to wind down the weekend. I'm going to be really cheeky and post something I did a little while ago.  I'm still enjoying the chocolate manicure so I haven't wanted to change it. I did, however, want to post again today (I posted just after 12am this morning) just because I love to. 

A friend of mine bought me some Claire's Mood polishes a few months ago but I hadn't had the opportunity to post my manicures.  As usual, this is yet another example of the many brands and polishes that I would love to try but do not have access to in the UK *sigh*.  Never mind. When I do take my next trip to the States, forget buying another suitcase to stuff with new clothes from the outlet stores, I'm going to buy a huge wheelie case and fill it with polish.  Yes, I know it will be pretty heavy and I may even have to pay tax on it at the airport, but hey, it needs to be done!!

Awesome/Silly. Oh my word.  I had to put on about 4-5 layers, I kid you not! Sooo streaky.
The heating was on so my hands were hot - hence the 'awesome' all over the nail.

 This was after I cooled down a bit - 'Silly' on the free edge.

My right hand before I broke the index finger to a nub opening the car door!

Overall, I really like the concept of colour changing polish, this is the first I've seen over here.  I don't like the fact that the application was so streaky and that even after a top-coat, which I DID put on, it still wasn't very shiny.
I have three more left to try so I will be back at some point with those swatches.

Take care!