Monday, 8 November 2010

The sky at night?

Today was the epitome of an autumnal day. Wind? Check. Rain? Check. Fallen leaves? Check, check, check! By the time I got to school for the school run (something that only took about 10 minutes) my fingers were frozen despite wearing leather gloves! So you'd think that my polish might have been a bright one, to cheer myself up? Wrong.  I've been wearing this for the past two days and as it's not chipped or worn yet, it's going to stay right where it is!

 Maybelline Midnight Blue (on its own on my pinkie finger).

 With a couple of layers of  Flash Cosmic (which has green and blue glitter particles in a clear base)

 This blue is a lovely rich colour but the sparkle just gave it that 'oomph'.

This reminds me of looking up into the sky on a beautiful, warm Summer night. You know, when you can see every last star with pure clarity? Hmm. Maybe this WAS a manicure to cheer me up after all? What do you think?


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