Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kiss my nail strips!

 If you've kept up with my blog over the last two years, you will know that I am a lover of water decals and nail stickers. Not only are they a way to instantly jazz up a plain manicure, they are also quick and easy to use when you are in a hurry. These nail polish strips by *OMGNailStrips are right up my alley.

In one packet, you'll get two sheets of pre-cut nail stickers. They are so simple to use: just size the strips up on your own nails, remove the clear plastic covering on top of the pattern, peel the design off the cardboard backing paper and stick them onto your nails. You can stretch them (which is good if you have a high apex, or curve, to your nails) and they won't tear.

 Finished product.

The OMGNailStrips after one day of wear. There is some tip wear, but I'm not known for wearing washing up gloves and I had washed three heads of hair with these on.

Weird hand pose...

Have you worn these strips before? What do you think?

*Sent to me for consideration

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