Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Green and gold

Hi all.

Today I have a manicure I was wearing the other day. My nails were painted green with a gold accent nail...of course, I got antsy and decided to fiddle with it.

Gold and black acrylic paint with some individually placed hexagonal shaped glitter pieces.

On a different note, I've noticed that a few of my manicures have managed to find themselves on Pintrest. My watermarking editor is pretty substandard and looks quite blurry. Anyone know of a good watermarking tool? I'll be eternally grateful.



  1. I love this Liane!!! Such a fun mani!

  2. These are freaking awesome! I love the green and yellow!

    hm well you should try picmonkey.com
    they have great fonts! which im sure would make awesome watermarks, that is what i use for my pics :)...hope that helps

    1. Diana, thank you and thank you. I'll check it out.

  3. OMG! I love ur accent finger! Sooo sparkly!

    I'm using www.picmonkey.com to watermark my pictures.

    1. Thanks Ana. Seems like picmonkey is the way to go then? Lol.

  4. Oooh I LOVE that gold finger! So pretty!

    Jazz x

  5. Such a fun manicure!!! Not sure if I commented already or if that was on IG, lol!! Too many sites, smh.


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