Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pink, push-ups and polish?

Hi Friends.

Today I'm actually missing my long nails. I love the fact that my typing speed is now back to normal (lightening speed), but my fingers are looking a little stumpy. Never mind, they'll grow back!

I'm wearing this today.  I chose this colour simply because I am participating in a contest on Instagram and the theme is #freakinpink.

This is one of my favourite pinks:
I have so much love for Rimmel. I love their precision brushes, 60 seconds range, the Professional and Lasting Finishes and also the Fruities range, but I do wonder what they are doing in terms of updating their polish line.

With all the nail-art-in-a-bottle trends that have come out over the last year or so (crackle, magnetic and colour changing polishes), they only seem to have put out a couple of crackle colours. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've seen nothing much else. Now, I go polish shopping the way some women go shoe shopping. I investigate, I scour, I hunt, I rummage, I get my magnifying glass out and get my Miss Marple on. Alas, the Rimmel display always makes me feel like I want to throw myself onto the floor and scream...much like my nearly-two-year-old did when I told her we were leaving my big girl's school summer fair today. So got herself into such a stink that she ended up on her hands and toes, yelling, in the middle of the year two playground. Like she was going to do a set of press-ups. Yup.

If you're not in the UK, or if you are and have seen some newer or more exciting things on the Rimmel polish front, please let me know. Meanwhile, I'll tweet them a question and hope they come back with some good news and don't just blank me like Maybelline did a while back. Wish me luck!



  1. Pretty, looks like corsets without the strings.

  2. I love this! I immediately thought of

  3. It's a very original manicure. It reminds me of a butterfly.


  4. The Rimmel website has 4 crackle colours listed. On their nail polish front page they have "New for Fall" colours. Pity it's Fall 2010!!

    They do have some new nail colours listed here:

    I'm not familiar enough with their range to know how new they really are though :-)

  5. Your nail look beautiful (and NOT stumpy! :) )Rimmel does come out with some really pretty polishes! I've been wondering the same thing for the 60 Second line. I've only been seeing the Lasing Finish Pro line, lately. I like them, but they don't have many colors I would be interested in buying. If you do find out more, please let us know!

  6. This is beautiful and so unique.


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