Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Invisible wings

On Sunday it was my daughter's second birthday and because she loves animals so much, we all went to London Zoo on the Saturday, as a warm-up celebration. She loved it, but she didn't like the Gorilla's. She spent most of the time wrapped around my neck when she eyed those bad boys.

One thing she did like was the butterfly house. It's literally a tent-like structure hosting an artificial tropical climate and hundreds of butterflies. They have big ones the size of your hands and tiny little ones which land on you if you aren't screaming your head off. 

I found this little beauty:
 Look, the wings are practically invisible! I don't know her name, but she inspired me to create this:

I hate this nail length, but this glitter IS pretty!

 I was trying to capture the wings.

I like the design better on a longer 'nail'.

Right, I'm off to go and find something to plaster onto these nubbins of mine. I hope you are having a lovely week.

Thanks for all of your nice comments and support. I don't always get a chance to reply or visit other blogs nowadays but I'm going to change that!



  1. Beautiful, I love how the cute little butterfly inspired you. Your nail art is always beautiful :)

    1. Thank you Katie, that's really kind of you.

  2. Beautiful nails as ever and what a lovely inspiration. Nature is wonderful. Xx

    1. It certainly is...and thanks Natalie :)

  3. Such a pretty butterfly and the mani you created is wonderful, that is a pretty glitter :3

    1. Thanks Kerry. When I saw this little one, I was completed bowled over!

  4. Whoa whoa whoa! That is sucha pretty butterflyyyy!!

    Your mani is perfect!

    if only the butterfly has nails :P


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