Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NYX Advanced Salon Formula - part one of swatches


I've recently managed to get my hands on some NYX Advanced Salon Formula colours and thought I'd swatch them for you...

L-R: Lime, Acid Pink, Ocean Blue, Be Jeweled and Forever Young.

 Lime. Eye-watering bright green. Smooth consistency, full of shimmer. Two coats applied with a base coat.

Acid Pink - Brilliant pink with silver shimmer particles. Thicker consistency, but I got great coverage with only two coats.

Ocean Blue, a light blue with shimmer particles. Thinner consistency than the pink but once again, maximum effect only two coats.

Be Jeweled. A turquoise polish with gold and blue particles. Two coats. This one reminded me of a mermaid and was a nightmare to capture on the camera. I have now realised that I have quite a few colours similar to this - none of which I wear. I may put this one in a giveaway if no-one objects to winning a swatched polish.

Forever Young. A rose coloured base polish with silver micro glitter and flakes. This one was much thinner than the others. I used three coats to get coverage.

I have a few more to swatch but the natural light wasn't playing ball when I did these.

Which of these is your favourite? Do you have any NYX polishes yourself? Is the idea of a 'once-swatched' polish in a giveaway a deal breaker or would you be happy to own one?



  1. ooo, Forever Young looks gorgeous!!!
    I think I might just need to go and buy it LOL

    and I'd be MOAR than happy to own an "once swatched" polish in a giveaway!

  2. I am LOVING these colours, seriously though! I think my favourites are the pinks and the glittery ones.


  3. @Winnie - good to hear. I intent to run one soon, just waiting on a delivery ;)

    @Bailey - It's like having a bag full of sweets. I even adore the bottles!

  4. I just discovered these a few weeks ago and picked up Salmon and Creme Glitter. The formula is nice!

  5. I love, love, love Forever Young!! I have yet to own an NYX polish. I can't find them anywhere :(. These swatches are great Liane!

    I would take a once swatched polish. Hey, it's free, lol.

  6. Be Jeweled and Forever Young are so pretty! Definitely going to look out for these!

  7. wow these colors are so beautiful, the bottles look just like deborah lippmans very interesting.

  8. the only one i like less is forever young but the other shades are awesome!


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