Thursday, 1 December 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 30 - 'Nails inspired by a tutorial'


I had the best intentions to blog last night but in all honesty, by the time I had done the nails, I just wanted my bed.  To make up for the lack of posting AND to ensure that the challenge lasted 31 and not 32 days, I have two posts for you!

Day 30 nails:

Inspired by this manicure!

More pictures:

I used LOTS of colours and honestly don't want to load this post up with them. If you really want to get specific, just ask me and I'll put it in the comments :) Oh, and don't worry about the staining on my nail beds. I'll explain another day.


  1. beautiful! I love them :)

  2. hahaha~ in my case the challenge will last more that 2 months LOL~
    Lovely inspiration!

  3. These are GORGEOUS!!
    Super funtastic, yet not over the top :D will definitely have to give these a try one day!

  4. I love it!
    I knew I had seen that mani before, and you did it beautifully :)


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