Thursday, 3 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 3 - Yellow

Hey, hey!

How's everyone doing?

Today is day three of the manicure challenge and the colour is yellow - a colour I usually never wear on its own, only as part of a manicure.

Beauty UK's Yellow Peril

This was three coats. For some reason these sorts of colours are difficult to get right in less than three coats; they are streaky.
Hmmm...still not something that I'd wear on its own!

 Aly and Sophie are also on the same day as me as are several other ladies. Good luck to all :)



  1. I was hmm about my yellow mani too! Just posted it and took it off after forcing myself to wear it for the day!

  2. I love this yellow! But I have a serious love for yellow polish..


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