Tuesday, 1 November 2011

31 Day Manicure Challenge Day 1 'Red'

Okay, so here is my first installment in the challenge. Today is 'Red' day!
I generally don't wear much red, and if I do, then it's a dark one. I think bright reds tend to make my hands look big, so I steer clear of them.  For this challenge I left my comfort zone and went for this:

Rimmel's Double Decker Red. I love Rimmel and I like this red too...but it was a monster to capture on camera! I looks like it has an orange hue, but no, it's the colour of a good old double decker and a post box. The formula is a dream and I honestly can't fault any of the Rimmel colours.

See what I mean about the colour? It's not true to life at all.

 Here is an old photo of a SIMILAR polish with a bit of shatter and some stickers:

Side note: I think I like my nails this shape...

I have another red that I wore recently, by Maybelline:

How are you doing with your challenges??



  1. I started today too :) Doing my orange nails now! Love this red, but I think I have some quite similar so couldn't justify it :( Must stop spending!

  2. I actually really do like this red nail polishes on ur nails! Looks totally luxury to me!

  3. @Helly - Yay! BTW, I saw your comment and I will come back to you about your questions :)

    @Anastacia - Thank you!

  4. Those reds look gorgeous on you. I don't really like red polishes, but if I wear them I like them to be bright and vibrant like these two.

  5. Thanks Courtney. I'm the same with red lipstick. I like how it looks...just not on me. I just look like I've been playing in my mum's make-up!

  6. You can never go wrong with red!! I'm starting mine tonight! First post tomorrow :D


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