Monday, 31 October 2011

Miracle Growth experiment....2 WEEK UPDATE!!

I had to try and squeeze this in because I should have really given you an update yesterday.

Remember I decided to buy Sally Hansen's nailgrowth Miracle Serum? I was trying to get a 59% boost in my nail length in a two week period (as promised by the product) and also some nice cuticles too. After rubbing a drop of serum into my nails and cuticles twice a day for two weeks here are my results.

*Drum roll please*

Errrrrr. I see progress, as you would in any two week period, but 59%? No, I don't think so.  The middle and ring fingers look a good deal longer, but I don't think it's anything spectacular. What do you think?

I gained around 2mm on the index fingernail - blah.

I'm not sure if this does what it promises to do. The formula of the serum is not moisturising all - it's water based and after application, it didn't alleviate any dryness. As much as I think it didn't work for me, I really don't want to write it off just yet. I'm going to use the bottle for another two weeks just so that I can say I gave it a good try.

I'm so sorry I couldn't come back to you with a 'Miracle Growth Stimulator' that is like gold dust in a bottle. Alas, t'was not meant to be.

Have you had any luck with particular products?



  1. wow! in 2 weeks I think it's a great result! there is no way to get such length for me in 2 weeks!

  2. You think so? Maybe I was expecting to have talons in two weeks :-s I'll take your word for it then!

  3. Wow! I think that is a lot of growth for 2 weeks! I think I need to give this product a try, and see how it works for me.

  4. @FrugallyMe, maybe I'm being a bit harsh then? Well, I'm glad that this post has been of some value. I'm going to continue using it anyway :)

  5. Great growth, so I think the 59% was referring to the amount of growth you usually get. So if you would have grown 2 mm normally in 2 weeks, then you should have seen 3mm of growth in that same time period using this product.

  6. Thanks Janelle, that's what I understood too (when I made the original post) but to me, it made no difference. 2mm on the index nail and no extra 59%...quite a specific proclaimation btw! I'm still using it though, so I'll update this post again at some point.

  7. thank you for posting this it provides nice information... why don't you try using jdi miracle serum my cousin recommended this since it has many uses.


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