Friday, 11 March 2011

Pink 'n Gems

Hey everyone.  I'm sorry for the recent lack of posts, I've just been so busy and so tired after work; my blog has taken a back seat :-(

I was having a look at my nail art magazine recently and noticed that a lot of the manicures in it used pearls and jewels.  I thought I'd do my own jewel encrusted manicure.

I used Rimmel's Ethereal as a base, sponged OPI's And This Little Piggy

 I used nail glue to stick on some gems and pearls and also used a few from this sheet of stickers...which is looking pretty sparse at the moment.

This wasn't my best manicure and I felt a bit weirded out with the texture at times (okay so that might be odd, but aren't we all? I mean, my husband gets the heebie geebies at the sight of Oak tree bark!) I wouldn't say it was practical, but it was fun whilst it lasted.  I actually wore it for three days, hence the tip wear.



  1. It's really pretty and elegant. I have to get me one of those magazines..there are so many I don't know which to choose. Please help. Lol! :)

  2. I love this manicure! So pretty!
    I must try nail glue for gems cos I tend to use clear polish and they usually ping off well before three days are up!
    Love your 'sponged' looks!
    No need to apologise for any lack of posts...I think you're doing fab considering you're just back at work with kiddies to look after and everything else that goes on in life! Well done you! I'm glad your nails are still looking as gorge! Have a great weekend!

  3. @RM, Thank you so much! I know what you mean, there is so much choice with the mags. I just picked the first I saw because as they are chock full of designs, you're bound to find something you like, lol!

    @Adele - Thank you, you made me smile. I do feel guilty sometimes, but I guess we all have our commitments don't we? It's nice to know you understand :-)
    Nail glue is great at holding the gems on - none of mine fell off.

  4. Super pretty! And so girly with all that pink and diamonds! n_n

  5. Gorgeous, I love this main, so delicate xx

  6. this is so super pretty and girly hunny!

    I love it!


  7. Thank you for your sweet comments ladies x

  8. Simple and beautiful! Which magazine did you get? I love the Japanese ones - check out Nail Venus, Nail Max or Nail Up. :)

    Btw - did you cover the rhinestones and pearls in top coat? It would dull the shine of the rhinestones, so I would recommend using nail glue instead!

  9. Hi! I think this is pretty. Your post reminds me of my boyfriend. He enjoys fiddling with my nails whenever I have embellishments on it. :)

  10. This is really elegant looking. The amount and location of the jewels are JUST RIGHT :) so lovely

  11. soooo pretty! :O
    great job :)

  12. Love it, so pretty!


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