Wednesday, 16 March 2011

OPI and cosmetics sale alert at!

Helllllooo ladies (new, regular, visible, anonymous...)

I only have five minutes to tell you about a sale site called BrandAlley. My inner frugalist dictates that I subscribe to sale sites and keep my eyes out for places where you can buy premium brands for cheapo prices.  Every so often this site has ridiculous sales on OPI and at the moment you can get up to 50% off on some of their colours.


There sell everything including:

Have a look and let me know if this is a site you'd use.  Will you buy anything?

I don't have any affiliation with the site, by the way.  If I did, I'd tell you.  I just like to share and help someone else save their pennies.  One word. Recession.

Thank you ALL for visiting me and I'll reply to all my new comments tomorrow.


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