Monday, 7 February 2011

Mani with acrylic paint. Finally!

Hi all! How's it going?

Today I am showcasing my newest acrylic paint pots!  I got them from HobbyCraft and they weren't expensive at all.  I felt I had to buy some 'real' paint, because polish is not always easy to work with because it dries so quickly.  Now that I have them, expect me to be posting my trials (and errors!)

This design was actually inspired by a shower curtain! We all went for dinner at our Aunt's house last night and she has the cutest curtain in her bathroom. Less talk, more polish...

Inglot no.969 which is a mint green and slightly pearlised.

 They are supposed to be dots, but I'm seeing some that look a little 'leopard-ish'.  That's something you won't see here I don't like leopard print on myself.

Verdict? I love my new paint pots :-)  Do you like this pattern?


  1. Supercute! Did you do it with a dotting tool?

  2. Very cute and it does look leopard-ish. Still pretty! I have some paints too but I bought the bottle size paints. I see these paints in dollar tree I must pick up a set :)

  3. @ Ritterbraten - Thank you. I used the end of an orange stick, lol.

    @RM - Yeah, I've seen so much leopard print that I don't like it anymore. I was rushing a little ;-)

  4. The dots on dots are a great idea!

  5. So pretty, nice you've got inspiration from your shower curtain!

  6. Thanks Karen!

    Sylvia, I'm always on the look-out for some matter where it comes from, lol.

  7. Looks great! I too prefer acrylic paint to working with nail polish on details.

  8. Awesome! You'll have to tell me if the acrylic paint leaves any stains on your nails, because every time I use it I'll find a yellow imprint of my design on the naked nail, lol

  9. this looks so beautiful :)

    It doesn't look leopardish to me, it looks fun and different :)

    and source of inspiration is great :D

  10. Thank you friends.
    Loodie, I'll have to get back to you about any stains ;-)

  11. are they washable?

  12. Hi Beauty ;-)
    I could remove the paint from the top coat with a soapy cotton bud just after applying it, but I don't know easily it would come off after drying. When you wash it off your hands, it rolls up like bits of plastic (um probably because it's acrylic, Ash!)

  13. Just found your blog through another. Love it. I love this manicure and the use of the tiny paint pots. I saved some from my sons magazine and used them in a recent manicure myself. Great.


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