Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Color Club - Wild Orchid and a bunch o' stamping

In a continuation of my Color Club polish theme...

 Wild Orchid - this is a grey that I was given a little while back but hadn't swatched. There are the tiniest silver shimmer particles in it.  I'm wearing two coats here.

De-Luxe-Cious - one coat.

Purtty, but I think it needs a little something more...

So I did this with BM plate 20.
 Maybelline's Midnight Blue.

I think this looks a bit like computer circuitry but it won't last for too long. My fingers are itching to use a striping brush.  This nail artistry malarkey is pri-tee addictive!

By the way, is there anything that you'd like to see me try? I'm always searching for inspiration so if you think of something, please let me know?

See you, friends


  1. Gorgeous :D ~
    I just absolutely lubb them *-*

  2. truly beautiful :)
    and the nail polish is great, too ;)

    I really love your nails, and this stamping is cool :)

  3. @ Ann - Thanks chick!

    @Abigail - nice to see you. Where have you been hiding?!

    @Sarahlouise - Thank you lady *big hi-five*

  4. I love all the pictures and each step! I think you are so creative you don't need any help :D


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