Friday, 8 October 2010

October Haul

As with many things, once I get a bee in my bonnet, I can barely sleep.  When I re-kindled my love of nails, I started dreaming about polish. Seriously.

Hubby has been off for a week and every time the doorbell rings, it's the Postie. With a parcel. For meeee.  Luckily, he has his own photography thing happening so I don't mention it when he comes home with tripods and talks about shutter speeds and ISO's. He just nods with interest when I start dribbling over holos and stamping and perfect clean-ups.

So, here is my haul for this month:
'Astra' and 'Charla' by Zoya

 'Charla' -  base coat, four coats of colour, top coat. This was a clear/turquoise base with blue/green glitter particles. It lasted for four days without a chip and when I took it off, it was only chipped on the corner of one nail.  I wash my hands a lot during the day so I'm impressed with the durability.  Taking it off was a different story - acetone would have been a lot faster, but I have some tiny patches on the corners of three nails so I just used non-acetone. I had turquoise fingers afterwards!

'Absolute' and 'Essence' by Nubar - haven't worn any of these yet.

 My Bundle Monster plates. I can't wait to use them.

 Rimmel Matte Finish...didn't even know they had this. Found it in a tiny branch of Superdrug in Harlesden!

I seriously can't spend anymore money on polish this month. I think I have enough to be getting on with don't you?


  1. where do you get your zoyas and nubar?

    I just ordered my bundle monster plates, can't wait for them to arrive!!!

  2. The Zoya was from and the nubar was from :-)


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