Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cheap polish!!!

So, last Saturday I was going up and down the cosmetics isle in Superdrug for about 15 minutes poking around in the polish.  My sister was giving me side-eyes as I stood comparing three different shaped bottles with the 'same' colours in them. To my delight, I saw a little stand that had Makeup Academy (MUA) make-up and polish on them. The little bottles were £1 for 6.2ml. I had told myself I wasn't buying anymore polish this month, but it would have been rude not to at this price!
I also got a bottle of  Gosh polish for about £4 (I think)

Shade 2
Gasoline 541
Shade 8 - which is actually a reddish jelly finish.
I think perhaps I need to stop showing bottles of colour and get to painting me nails, eh?

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