Thursday, 27 September 2012

I'm catching up, slowly...

If these are repeat posts, I'm sorry. 

I had been voluntarily submitting some work for a blogazine over the last few months, but with some free-lance nail work and a lot of other things coming up, I had to call it a day. I was finding it hard to blog for fun here, let alone blog for free somewhere else. As I had been asked to provide unique work, I didn't post the manicures here. Now that I'm no longer submitting work, I'm posting my pictures here for you to have a look.

I'm still way behind with all of my pictures, but I'm getting there folks!



  1. These are amazing!! Especially the last one, what did you use to do the black design? :)


  2. The Miliani pink is so so pretty! so vibrant and I love the nail art!

    Jazz x

  3. Oh my gosh! As usual I am bloody amazed :) your nails always look so beautiful!

  4. awesome manicures, love every single one of them :D


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