Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bargain hunting and a wicked swap

Ay me. Why do I always choose to blog late at night when I'm supposed to be getting an early night? I'm a glutton for punishment, clearly.

How are you all?

Yesterday I went rummaging on my lunch break. You know about my love affair with Seche Vite right? Well, I've finished the bottle I bought. I went to Boots on the hunt for a new one, but they had every other Seche product save the one I wanted. I desperately needed a fast dry top coat and I found these - buy one, get one half price:

 Hmmm. Not a patch on my SV, I'm afraid. Okay, so they would usually cost £6 or so each, but the Insta-Dri does not dry my one layer of base and 3 layers of colour in 30 seconds. Nope. Not even in a few minutes. It may be dry to touch but my nails are still tacky and prone to imprints.The Nail Thickener? I don't know yet, I'll come back to you.

I also got these pretties in Clarks. From £39.99 to £11.99? BARGAIN!

Lastly, I've had the pleasure of completing at transatlantic swap with Shadow. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked at the moment. I'll be back with nails sometime this week.

Stay happy.



  1. What a great swap, loving those red shoes!

  2. Great news!!
    Have fun with all this!!

  3. wow nice little haul you got there - im loving the shoes!

    Hope your ok sweetie


  4. I have the same shoes! And they are absolutely worth that price, i mean - full price. With price like this its just a sin to don't buy them.
    Cant wait your new nail tutorial!


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