Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a-england Tristam Swatch

Whilst I was away, I thought I'd keep my eye out for some new polishes that might not have been available in the UK.  I saw plenty of China Glaze, but nothing new. So I thought I'd make the most of the discount I told you about in this post and bought myself Tristan, by a-england.

Here it is in all it's regal glory:
This is the gorgeous dark blue holo that I've had my eyes on for a while now.

I'm not sure if I like the sticky label on the back. It would probably be better (aesthetically) if it was printed onto the bottle or was a see-through sticker, rather than white. Meh, it's neither here nor there really. After two coats, the colour was opaque but it did smudge after half an hour. Perhaps I should have used the top and bottom coats that the website suggested but they were a bit pricey for me. Maybe next time I wear it, I'll leave much longer between applications of each coat.

Indoors with no flash.

Indoors with a flash.

Pro's : Gorgeous colour, good coverage with just two coats, thin consistency, pretty bottle.
Con's: Took too long to dry without the special base and top coats.

Overall I love this colour and I will be buying from a-england again in future.



  1. I'm in love with this polish! It looks great on you

  2. Gorgeous!!! To bad it took too long to dry.

  3. Hey, thanks friends! I don't have time to wait for polish to dry and I was a bit disappointed. Guess I'll just have to put it on when I DO have time to wait!

  4. Wow this polish is beautiful! You dont use a fast drying top Coat? I suck at waiting for polish to dry I usually mess up my nails so I have to have my seche vite or china glaze fast forward top coat

  5. uuuuuuu, I love it, it's so preeeeety :)

    I must say, I adore your nails as they are right now, they are at the perfect length :)

    I recommend using Poshe or Seche, Poshe seriously saved my nerves with nail polishing, I never had enough patience to wait for nail polish to dry and therefore I rarely polished my nails. Now I can't wait to change it every few days :)

  6. Gorgeous polish. Reminds me a bit of DS Glamour!

  7. I agree with Abigail...your nails are soooo pretty this length. Such a perfect shape too! Lovely polish as well. Have missed your posts!! Ax

  8. what a sexy polish!

    might have to get a bottle!

    /Hugs xxx

  9. Thank you ladies. You are lovely.

    @Abigail, I'm going to go and by some seche, thanks



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