Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Hi everyone (and a big hello and thank you to my new subscribers!)

As it's coming up to Halloween, I thought I'd try some Halloween themed manicures.

 This is a free polish that I got with InStyle magazine back in the Summer. I actually really like this colour! I also used some black acrylic paint and some fimo slices.  I sliced these myself and can I just is so easy. Previously I'd been put off buying these things because I thought they'd be difficult to slice. Not so. If you use a sharp blade or craft knife, they slide right through the canes.

I got a bit slap-happy with the top-coat and as a result, there are about a million air bubbles in there. I took this off right after I took the pictures, so it literally only lasted for the night.

So far I've done two creepy manicures and I'm not overly proud of either :) I'll show you the other one in my next post...

All the best,



  1. this is super super cute!! Why'd u remove it?!

  2. ooh i have yet to try filmo. it's super cute

  3. Wow, looks very good!
    Are you using canes? Looks very interesting..

  4. This Halloween nail design looks so awesome!!!

  5. Hey everyone, thanks for the nice comments!
    I have so many fimo canes that I've never used but I'm going to try to do more manicures with them now.
    This only lasted the night because I was going to work and I didn't want my nails to distract my clients!
    If you've never tried them, you really have to! xx


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