Friday, 14 January 2011

My entry for a nail art contest.


Did you miss me? I felt a little out of sorts the other day, but I'm back with a smile.

Today, I'm here with an abstract manicure lovingly hand painted by moi. I did this for a nail art contest being run by the lovely lady at Nail Art Express.  She wanted pictures inspired by the Chinese New Year so below is my entry. I've already submitted it so I'm not worried about anyone trying to copy...although if it was copied I'd be shocked! If you want to enter, check out her blog and get designing. The contest closes on 23rd Jan and all entries will be posted on the blog on 24th. The winning design/s will be open to public vote. Cough, cough.

I don't have any acrylic paints yet so everything was done with plain ol' polish and a delicate hand!

In case you can't tell (lol!), on the index is a Chinese lantern, on the pinkie there is a rabbit; signifying the year of the Rabbit sitting under the branches of a Cherry Blossom tree (I know it's Japanese and not Chinese, but I like them).

My thumb sports a fan with a dragon on it.

I enjoyed creating this manicure and I'm going to have to search out some more contests to enter. If you know of any, please let me know?

Ta x


  1. Wow this is incredible. The detail work is amazing. Good luck on the contest.

  2. Omg, this is super gorgeous!!!

  3. This is just beautiful! I love that little rabbit :) Let us know, when we can vote for you.

  4. The detail is amazing!! I really hope you win, you deserve to!!

  5. Awwh bless, this is so pretty~
    I hope you win *w*

  6. Thank you ladies. I'll let everyone know when Ying has put all of the entries up. Thanks for your support :-)

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the little beads you used to finish the nailart!

  8. Hi Sylvia! Thanks for the comment :-)

  9. So So Beautiful !!!! I love so much !

  10. I fell in love with this mani when I saw it in the contest.
    And I will copy this. But not for a contest. Just for me and my nails (if that is ok with you?)
    Great work!

  11. Thank you Ida! Of course you can copy it. I'd love to see your version so I'm going to subscribe to your blog :-)

  12. That's really pretty! :) Even though this was done with regular polish I just really want to get some acrylic paint and try things like this out :) I just found your blog and it's fun to get some inspiration for manicures :)
    Great job!


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