Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sophy Robson's Nail Art Masterclass no.2

Hey everyone.

On 13th July , I went to a Nail Art Master Class run by none other than Sophy Robson 

See if you can find me...I'm the one with the big hair ;)

Here are a few of the nails I was able to do on the day:

The event was a lot of fun. I got to ask some pertinent questions about the nail industry, met someone who I have a lot of professional respect for and also got a few cocktails at the end!

The next Master Class will be a good one. Sophie Harris-Greenslade aka The Illustrated Nail will be there! I got to work with her recently (that's another story) and she's soooo nice.

If you're in London (or somewhere in the UK and fancy the journey) will YOU be going to the next class?



  1. I love the nails you did!! I really like the "Love" one!!

  2. Wooho<3 awesome nail art :D i love too make orginal nail art ^____^

  3. oh my gawd i am the MOST JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


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